University of Oviedo

Short Description

 The University of Oviedo was established in 1608. It is a public Institution, with an offer of degrees in all the branches of knowledge. Today with more than 23.000 students, 1500 researchers and 250 research groups. In 2009 it was among the eight first in Spain to be awarded with the seal of “Campus of International EXCELLENCE”
The University of Oviedo has a long tradition in managing that kind or projects. Currently it coordinates many European programmes, including Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alpha, Marie Curie, etc. Its experience is accredited by several European audits.

Summary Role

 The University of Oviedo will be a full partner of the Masters project. It will work together with Ghent University, the coordinating University, and with all of the partners (the Universities of Bremen, Algarve, Klaipeda and Paris 6) to ensure the proper running of this programme, participating in all activities of selection and evaluation of students and in the Master committees required. From the academic side it will offer regular courses, Master Theses, language courses and internships. Help and support will be provided to students for visa arrangements, housing and bureaucratic and administrative issues. In addition, the University of Oviedo will work towards the self-sustainability of the programme after the initial financial support.