Dr. Eric Thiebaut

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Eric Thiébaut obtained his PhD in biological oceanography from the University Pierre & Marie Curie in 1994 (Paris, France). Following a post-doctoral position at the University of Southampton (UK), he obtained a permanent position as assistant professor at the University Pierre & Marie Curie in 1995. In 2006, Eric Thiébaut moved to the Station Biologique de Roscoff. His research focuses primarily on the processes involved in larval dispersal of marine invertebrates and the consequences of dispersal on population connectivity, the persistence of isolated populations, the ability of marine species to recolonize sites following disturbances or to respond to global change. Another part of his research concerns the response of coastal benthic communities to natural and anthropogenic disturbances. He is currently in charge of the observatory of coastal and littoral biodiversity at Roscoff. 

List of Courses

EMBC+ MODULE 1: Understanding the structure and function of Marine Biodiversity
Deep-sea ecosystem and extreme marine environments 6
EMBC+ MODULE 2: Toolbox for investigating marine Biodiversity
Diversity measurements and species distribution 6
EMBC+ MODULE 3: Conservation and Restoration of Marine Biodiversity
Management of Coastal ecosystems and diversity 6